Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Why You Need More Than New Year's Resolutions

I have been thinking a lot about exercise adherence with the New Year upon us.  What exactly is exercise adherence?  Well let me start by telling you what it isn’t.  It isn’t a resolution.  Exercise adherence refers to how strong a person’s commitment is to continue an exercise program.  It isn’t just about will power; it is about so much more. You need to set goals, not make resolutions. 
What helps a person have a high level of exercise adherence?  Things like family support, personal support of a trainer, accountability by a trainer or other person, enjoying the program you begin (yes, it is possible to enjoy exercising!), social support, and starting with a program that is not too intense in the beginning and builds as your fitness increases.
So why is starting a program at Indianapolis Pilates by 15 to Fit going to help with your commitment to exercise?  Here’s why.  Every session you have, whether is in a group class setting (where you will rarely have more than 4-5 people in a class), a private session, or a duet (with one other person), you will always have a personal trainer leading you, correcting your form and supporting you.  You could join a gym with 100s or maybe 1000s of others, and even if you get a couple of free trainer sessions, you will never get the one on one attention you get at our studio.  Our services are personal and we can meet with you, discuss your fitness goals and get you on track to achieve them.  And you will be with one of our skilled trainers every single time.
Guess what? It is also really fun.  Our trainers are serious about what they are doing, but they are all also a lot of fun.  The group classes create the social support that was discussed above as one of the factors that helps keep everyone motivated.  Several of my clients have become friends, and exercise becomes almost a social gathering at the studio.  We keep up with each other ‘s lives and we get a killer workout too.
But while we are on that topic, I also realize that each person is at a different physical level and I don’t try to work you so hard on your first visit that you never want to come back.  We learn your body and your fitness level and work with that.  We have classes at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.  Of course, we won’t let you slack off either, and will hold you accountable for doing your best work and achieving your goals. That is what we are here for.  So where are YOU?
Give us a call at 317/281-6762 or email us today (patrea@15tofit.com or cmorog@15tofit.com).  We will help you meet your goals.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Holiday Bazaar Tomorrow!

Tired of the same cookie cutter holiday gifts you see everywhere and in every store?
Join us on December 7th from 4-7 pm at the 15 to Fit Studio for our Holiday Bazaar!

Stop by and see unique gifts from Down Home Up North and enjoy some beer and wine provided by Great Fermentations at our Fitness and Holiday Bazaar. Get a leg up on your holiday shopping, and enjoy some fitness motivation while you're there.
 Great Fermentations is a local brewing and wine making company owned by Anita Johnson. The staff at Great Fermentations has been brewing or making wine for over 45 years combined. They love the science and the creativity of making beer, wine, cider and mead. They share a passion for teaching their clients and have helped thousands of customers make their own beverages over the years. To the staff at Great Fermentations consumption is just considered enjoyable research.
 Down Home Up North is a northern Michigan-based store with unique home accessories and an online store with changing merchandise monthly. Owner Amy Minick Peterson returns to Indianapolis in the off season and is pleased to participate in the 15 to Fit Fitness and Holiday Bazaar. She is an enthusiastic 15 to Fit customer, too! Check out some of her offerings at http://www.downhomeupnorth.com/

They'll be bringing in some special items for this event... so don't miss it.

Bring a friend and receive 3 extra chances to win one of the door prizes!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

What Does 15 to Fit Mean Anyway?

The 15 to Fit Challenge
So people are often asking me about my company name “15 to Fit.” What does it mean, how did I come up with this? Well, generally, my name takes into account my philosophy that I will guarantee that if you follow our program for 15 weeks, you will become stronger (especially in those abs!) and more flexible or your money back. In a general sense, 15 weeks to fitness!

More specifically, I have started a program I am very excited about called the 15 to Fit Challenge. I have set up a special package including introductory private sessions, individual assessments, and group classes. You will get 45 Pilates Sessions with this Challenge!

This is a Wellness Challenge to motivate and commit you to following through with your health goals. Plus you have a chance to WIN $1,000!

$1,540 Value for $895!
What is included:
1- Private, introductory session
3- 30 min. Assessment sessions: Start Date, Mid term and Finish Date (15 weeks from Start Date)
45- Group Equipment Classes or Movement Classes

Assessment Sessions:
• Body Weight
• Body Measurements
• Strength Assessment
• Muscular Endurance Upper Body
• Muscular Endurance for Abdominals
• Flexibility Test

Challenge Rules:
Attend 2 of 3 of your assessment sessions. It is strongly suggested that you attend the midterm session between Weeks 7 to 9 but to stay in the Challenge you must be assessed at your Start date and your Finish date, 15 weeks later.

Attend 3 Pilates classes per week, either group equipment or movement classes. This is an average of 3 classes per week over the 15-week period. This doesn’t mean you can’t attend if you travel or are going on vacation. You just must be able to make up those classes either before you go or after.

Whoever has lost the largest percentage of body weight wins $1,000!*

*There must be at least 12 people entered over the 15 to Fit Challenge Session 2-2011 for the challenge to take place. Session 2- 2011 is defined as the period between January 3- May 23, 2011. Sign up now for this exciting challenge!

What if you don’t have a significant amount of weight to lose?

You can still enter the challenge and receive assessments and great Pilates sessions at a dramatically reduced rate.

One 55-Minute Introductory Private Session $75
Three 30-Minute Assessment Sessions $115
45 Group Equipment Classes or Movement Classes $1350
Total Value $1540
15 to Fit Challenge Price $996
One payment $895
Or 4 payments of $249

It’s going to be a new year; wouldn’t you like to start it off right, dedicating yourself to your own health and well being? If this sounds good to you, sign up here.

“After 10 sessions you will feel a difference, after 20 sessions you will see a difference, and after 30 sessions you will be on your way to a whole new body.” -Joseph Pilates

Monday, November 22, 2010

Hey Moms--ever heard of diastasis?

Have you been wondering why you just can’t get that Mommy belly to flatten out?  Have you ever heard of a diastasis?  Diastasis technically means “the separation of parts of the body that are normally joined together, such as the separation of certain abdominal muscles during pregnancy, or of adjacent bones without fracture.” (Thank you Wikipedia).
Transversus abdominis muscleImage via WikipediaThe type of diastasis I deal with regularly in my practice is the first example given above—the separation of muscles in the abs that occurs during pregnancy.  When a woman is pregnant, and her pregnancy continues to grow, the rectus abdominis muscles often split apart (think of that “6 pack ab” area of your body) in order to make way for your increasing belly.  You can feel this condition if you know where to look, or “feel,” as the case may be.  If you lay on your back and put your fingers a few inches from your belly button and lift your head, you can sometimes feel a ridge sticking out of the middle of the abs.  This is the diastasis I am talking about.
A lot of women I have trained have developed this condition during pregnancy, and sometimes it can heal on its own, but there are many exercises that can be done in order help it heal (or to prevent it getting worse).  Further, one of the keys is that you have to know how to do the right exercises to do in order to not make it worse.  I think this is one of the reasons some women feel they can never get rid of that “pregnancy paunch”—because they are not doing the right exercises to get rid of it, and they are doing in fact the exact wrong exercises to exacerbate it.  For instance, in order to heal a diastasis, you shouldn’t be doing crunches, which is probably the first thing a lot of people think of when they are worried about a protruding belly.  Exercises that focus on the internal obliques and the transversus abdominis are great options both before and after pregnancy to help with a diastasis problem.  You also need a trainer who knows how to look for this problem, and most importantly, knows how to avoid certain exercises that intuitively, might seem like a good idea, but will only make the condition worse.
Pilates can be a great option to help with a diastasis problem because exercises can be tailored to the individual and to that individual’s body—there is no one size fits all in Pilates in general, or at Indianapolis Pilates by 15 to Fit.  Check out our website if you are in Indianapolis for great info on classes (http://www.15tofit.com/) or check out my great workout videos for expecting Moms and post partum Moms (www.gomomfitness.com).  There is hope!

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Monday, November 8, 2010

What is the "Core" anyway?

There are certain words you hear thrown around a lot in fitness these days, particularly in a Pilates setting.  One of these words is “core” or “powerhouse.”  What exactly does that mean?  If you look it up on Wikipedia, you will see the technical anatomical definition to include the following major muscles: the pelvic floor muscles, transversus adbdominus, multifidus, internal and external obliques, rectus abdominus, erector spinae (sacrospinalis), the longissismus thoracis, and the diaphragm. Minor core muscles include the latissumus dorsi, gluteus maximum and trapezius.

Muscles of the trunkImage via Wikipedia Ok those are some big words for muscles mainly in your abs (both in the center and the sides), your back, your butt, and your pelvic floor—which are low ab muscles—the one you would use to stop yourself from peeing (sorry to be graphic, but that is usually the easiest way to describe it).  Think of it like this, they are the muscles that keep you upright and able to do major body movement. 

A lot of traditional exercises will target a few of these muscles, but the reason I have learned to love Pilates so much is that it integrates very precise movements in order to target ALL of these core muscles.  And some of those muscles are deep within your abdomen, underneath those “6 pack” muscles.  And trust me, crunches are not targeting all these core muscles—crunches only target one area.

By getting in and working all these core muscles, you can improve your body health dramatically. Your posture can improve.  Toning these muscles is great to maintain your balance and flexibility and also maintain nice things like continence, or not peeing yourself when you laugh or sneeze (some of you Moms know what I am talking about here).  They are also great to help during childbirth which is why Pilates can also be great for expectant mothers (and why I have an entire DVD aimed at you guys!).  You won’t have a bad back if you have strong core muscles, because your core will take care of you if you take care of it.  Seriously, a strong core is the key to so many things, but you have to know how to work it.

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Monday, November 1, 2010

$5 Pilates Class is Tomorrow November 2nd!!!

$5 Teaser Tuesday Pilates Class
15 to Fit Pilates
DATE: Tuesday November 2, 2010
TIME: 6:30-7:30 PM

MORE: Sign up today at http://www.15tofit.com/ under "webscheduler" or contact Christina Morog, Marketing Coordinator at cmorog@15tofit.com

Monday, October 25, 2010

Pilates for Everybody

I have been thinking a lot about self esteem and positive self image lately.  Of course, as someone who has spent a great deal of my life focused on being fit and helping others get and stay fit, I believe that exercise can be a key component to increasing one’s positive body image and self esteem.  My tagline, “Adore your body” comes from the heart.  I really want to encourage my clients, regardless of age or gender or physical fitness to adore and appreciate the body they have and to love it just a little bit more by giving it a bit of exercise.
I also realize that many people associate Pilates with women who are young, and fit to begin with.  People often think of ballet dancers when they think about Pilates.  I am here to tell you that Pilates can be so much more for so many more people!  For instance, Pilates can be a great workout for teenagers as well as senior citizens!  I currently have clients who range in age from 15 years old up to 80 years old.  I find Pilates can be great for my younger clients because while they may have a young body, they often don’t take the time to focus on their breathing and its correlation to exercise.  Also, learning good posture habits at this age can make a world of difference for the rest of their lives.  As for my older clients, it helps keep them from feeling frail and one of my oldest clients often tells me how much it has benefitted her and how strong she feels.  In fact, she is on her way to visit her adult Grandchildren and tour Washington D.C. by foot.  One of my 40 year old clients recently told me that she plans on maintaining her strength and balance with Pilates for the rest of her life to prevent those broken hips and falls that seem to happen so often as people get older.
Also, I often find that men tend to think of Pilates as a women’s exercise.  Did you know that approximately 25% of my clients are male and many come from sports backgrounds?  All of them have been quite surprised at how intense a Pilates workout can be.  One of my male clients recently mentioned how much he appreciates the deep muscle workout in Pilates.  He regularly works out with weights, but found it lacking somehow.  Now he has started working on muscles he could never quite get to with traditional workouts. 

Finally, don’t be discouraged to try Pilates because you feel you are overweight.  A lot of people hear about dancers or actresses who practice Pilates and assume you have to be already somewhat physically fit to start Pilates.  This is not true.  My clients come in all sizes and fitness levels.  No matter what your size, you can benefit from the strength and flexibility training of Pilates. 
Honestly, we strive to be exceptionally welcoming to all our clients at Indianapolis Pilates by 15 to Fit.  However I know how starting a new exercise routine can be intimidating if you don’t know what to expect.  I still feel awkward in aerobics classes because I don’t know all the moves.  In order to let you give it a try without feeling like you don’t know what you are doing, I do offer special introductory sessions for new clients at reduced rates, so if you would like to come in a try a private session to see what Pilates is all about, you can do so without making a huge financial commitment.  However, my male and female clients who participate in the classes at my studio come in all shapes, sizes, and ages.  The one thing we all have in common is we usually have a really great time during our workout.
For more information on setting up a private session or to join a class, contact the studio at http://www.15tofit.com/  or contact our Marketing Coordinator, Christina at cmorog@15tofit.com.  

Friday, October 22, 2010

$5.00 Teaser Class!

Been wanting to try Pilates but worried about the cost?  Give one a try for $5.00! See details below:

Sign Up Today
ONLY $5.00
November 2nd Teaser Tuesday!

Greetings Pilates Fans,
November 2nd is the second $5 Pilates Class! This is a beginner class and it is limited to new and former 15 to Fit clients only , so if you are a current client invite someone you know that has been wanting to try Pilates. Please check out website for specific dates. Space will fill up quickly so sign up today at http://www.15tofit.com/ under "webscheduler", if you have problems email our Marketing Coordinator, Christina at cmorog@15tofit.com. We hope you come and see what Pilates is all about!

See you soon!
Patrea Aeschliman, Owner 15 to Fit Pilates

(limit two $5 classes per person)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Meet the "Ballet Barre!"

I am excited to have recently added Ballet Barre fusion classes to our studio.  I have a little addiction to new equipment and this is one of the newest things we have so I am really pumped about it (and I am already plotting my next pieces of equipment to add, so keep your eyes on my blog—as soon as we get the new stuff, I will be sure and introduce you to it here!)  We installed a Ballet Barre around the studio and it is amazing how great a workout you can get just using your body and the Barre!  While there are certain aspects from ballet that are infused throughout the class, don’t think of it is a ballet class by any stretch!  You may recognize some plies and other ballet moves, but you will be surprised at the way we can use the Barre to give your entire body a great workout.  And if you have never taken a single ballet class in your life, it doesn’t matter.  There is no special skill or knowledge needed (and don’t worry if you can’t dance—it isn’t a dance class either).  The classes that are focused solely on the Ballet Barre are taught by one of my awesome trainers, Carmen Snider.

The Ballet Barre fusion workout is a great all over muscle workout.  Of course, we integrate a lot of Pilates principals into the class, so not only do your glutes and legs get a good workout, but so does your core.  This is a great class for increasing body awareness, as we focus a great deal on form and posture.  This is a tough workout, but one that most skill levels can enjoy and see great benefit from.  And we have a lot of fun doing it!
We also utilize the Ballet Barre in other Pilates classes and sessions as one piece of equipment in a workout integrating the other pieces of equipment in our studio.  I have had long time clients tell me how much adding the Ballet Barre has greatly increased the intensity of their workout.   If this sounds good to you, and you would like to try something a little new and different, check out one of our great Ballet Barre classes.  We are one of the few studios in Indianapolis offering such classes!  Check it out at http://www.15tofit.com/barrefusion.php.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Why Pilates is So Great for New Moms

Pilates is such a great way for a new mom to get herself back into shape, whether she had a vaginal delivery or a C-section.  Any mom out there knows the toll a pregnancy takes on your abs (not to mention the rest of you!).  Pilates targets those core muscles in your abdomen and focuses on getting them back to where they were before becoming pregnant (and even better in most cases).
As a Mom myself, and as someone who has designed workouts (including my DVDs on the subject) specifically aimed at mothers, I take great pride in working with new moms.  I have studied what exercises work to mend the diastasis (or separation) of the abdominal muscles that occurs in every pregnancy.  There are certain exercises new moms should focus on to get these muscles back together, and there are certain exercises that a new mom should absolutely not do until the muscles are healed.  Some exercises can actually do further damage to the diastasis.  That is why I am so passionate about helping new Moms get their figures back in the right way.
Pilates is also awesome for helping your upper body and arm strength, which of course we find ourselves using so much more carrying car seats, diaper bags and babies around with us everywhere we go.  When we constantly carry things on one side (which most people tend to do) we can harm our posture as well.  Pilates well help keep your body evened out and strong.  It will also help your posture tremendously.
Finally, I truly believe that Pilates is beneficial for the mental health of a new mom as well.  Not only do you take the time to focus on your breath and its connection to your body, but you are just taking time for you.  As a new mom it is so easy to get overwhelmed and overtired when caring for a new baby that many forget to care for themselves.  By spending a little time on yourself, I believe mental outlook is greatly improved.  And a healthy mama means a happier baby.
Of course, all new moms should check with their doctors before starting any exercise program, but once you do, and you feel ready, order one of our amazing videos aimed at moms to do at home at www.gomomfitness.com or if you are in the Indianapolis area, contact my studio to set an appointment or join a class at www.15tofit.com .  We would love to have you. 
Adore your body!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Meet "The Chair!"

One of my favorite pieces of Pilates equipment is the “chair”—I always tell my clients how much this piece of equipment can help your butt!  Again, the resistance is built around spring tightness, and can be adjusted for different strength levels.  It was originally called the “Wunda Chair” and was actually a piece of furniture (a chair) when flipped onto one side and then when moved upside down, became a piece of exercise equipment.  Originally the chairs were made of wood and padded seats and foot pedals (and some brands still are), but many exercise equipment companies (such as Peak Pilates, which is the brand we utilize most at Indianapolis Pilates by 15 to Fit) have developed more streamlined looking models that look less like furniture and more like classic exercise equipment.

The chair may look less complicated than the other machines, but is also really great at working your core and glutes as well as your arms and legs.  Exercises can be done sitting forward and backward on the chair, standing upright on your feet on the foot bars, lying across the seat or even sitting on the floor with hands and/or feet on the chair.  For as simple as it looks, this chair is amazingly diverse in its uses.  And I still think it is the best piece of machinery for tightening up your glutes to get a great tight rear end!
In both private sessions and group classes at Indianapolis Pilates by 15 to Fit, we almost always utilize the chairs as part of the workout.  One of the things I like about the chair with people who have never done Pilates is how quickly you can begin to see improvement here.  Exercises that seem very difficult at first quickly become more fluid and graceful.  These exercises work wonders at strengthening which ultimately not only tightens muscles, but helps to maintain great balance and flexibility.  And once you begin to see the results you can start achieving from the chair, it will quickly become one of your favorite pieces of equipment as well!
Contact me to learn more and get your butt in shape at http://www.15tofit.com/.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Meet the "Cadillac!"

The “Cadillac” is probably the weirdest looking piece of Pilates equipment with its springs, bars and fuzzy hand straps.  Many clients have commented on the fact that it looks like something you might see in a torture chamber.   It actually looks a little like a hospital bed, and in fact, Joseph Pilates first developed the Cadillac as a way to rehabilitate bed-ridden clients.  The Cadillac can be used in numerous ways at various skill levels.  It can be used for gentle stretching exercises, tough leg and arm workouts (utilizing the leg and arm springs) and even pull ups done while hanging from the top bars!  Some exercises are performed while laying on the bed, some while standing, and others while kneeling or sitting.  The Cadillac is an extremely versatile piece of equipment.  Using it will challenge your body to do exercises with just the right form and posture, thereby benefitting your form and posture!

Indianapolis Pilates by 15 to Fit has one full Cadillac as well as several reformers that are convertible to become partial Cadillacs.  This is something that makes our studio unique, because we can use the Cadillacs both in our private sessions as well as in group classes, which most studios do not offer.   Come and see what the Cadillac can do for you.  Schedule an appointment with me or one of my amazing trainers at www.15tofit.org.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Meet the "Reformer!"

One of the most common comments I get from new clients is about how strange the Pilates equipment looks at first glance.  There are several rather unusual looking machines used in our practice, and while they may seem kind of intimidating at first, once you train on them for a few sessions, you will understand that they are really easy to use and can easily be adjusted to all fitness levels.  Over the next couple of posts, I am going to introduce the equipment we use at our studio so you can understand how each piece can be an integral part of a full Pilates experience.
The “reformer” is probably the most common machine seen in Pilates studios, and you may have seen them in other Indianapolis Pilates studios, or even at some public gyms.  The reformer was the first piece of Pilates equipment that I purchased when I became a certified Pilates trainer.  The reformer looks a little like a bed with a little headrest.  There is a flat slightly padded mat, or carriage, that you can lie, kneel, stand, or sit on, and which is movable.  The resistance required to slide it back and forth on its frame comes from several varying levels of springs that are attached combined with movement from your body.  Different exercises and different strength levels will require different tension weight on the springs.  You can move the carriage with your feet against a foot bar, and/or you can use straps on your hands or feet as well.  As your trainer, I can adjust the tension according to your strength and needs.  Interestingly, there are some exercises that you will find are actually more difficult with less resistance.
All the machines and equipment are great at working all aspects of the body, but you can really get a killer “core,” (or ab), leg and arm workout on the reformer.  It is really the workhorse of Pilates training and after a few sessions with it, you will see your strength and balance improve and you will appreciate the variety of exercises that can be achieved on this particular apparatus. I train both privately on the reformer, as well as offer several classes utlizing the reformer extensively. If you would like to learn more, or schedule a session, please visit me at http://www.15tofit.com/.