Friday, June 2, 2017

Funny Friday

Overheard at 15 to Fit today...we got on the subject of Botox somehow.  Somehow?!  Whaddya mean somehow?  I was training duet partners and everyone in the private room was a woman over 40, of course we were talking about Botox.  It's a subject that comes up more frequently than I care to admit.  I was bursting with laughter and had to tell them about my friend....hmmm...let's call her Linda.

Two years after I moved from Indianapolis one of my very close friends from there texted me in desperation.  "Patrea, please help me. I went to the dentist today."  (It's actually her dentist that gives her Botox).  "Now I can't lie down." (For those that don't know, providers of Botox suggest that you don't lie down for a few hours after it's injected so it doesn't move around to places it's not supposed to go). "My husband, (even though she's been getting Botox for 10 years, he still has no idea) is coming home early before the kids get home from school and he's going to want to have sex.  What do I do?!!!"   Desperation, sad face emoji.

My response? I text while shaking my head:

"Linda, Linda, Linda...1.  This is the very definition of a first world problem.  2.  This is such an easy solution: HAVE SEX STANDING UP!"

I shared this with my awesome, smart-alec client today and she states completely deadpanned,  "There goes our Patrea, First World Problem Solver."  I like my new title.  

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